Lasergame, also known as lasertag, is adrenaline sports social game for 6-16 players. It is true that more players in the arena means more targets and more fun for you. Game use the latest modern technology including infralight and laser. The game is suitable for men, women, adults and children who want to experience great fun and let off some steam.

Rules of the game

Lasergame photo

Each player has special electronic vest, which is connected to the laser gun. With this weapon, the player tries to hit the sensor of opponent's vest. When the player is hit for a few seconds gets out of the game. During this time is trying to conceal and to shake off his pursuers. After this time, the vest is automatically activated and the player is back in the game. Player gets a points for each hit. The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible by hitting opponents for you and for your team. Only one team wins, only one player is the best! One game lasts 12 minutes and believe that it is tough.

Lasergame photo


In the dark arena which has more than ​​350 square meters you will run, sneak, hide and shoot at enemies. You can hide behind a lot of barriers with various openings in it. You will find the best firing positions there for sure. You can also find a large number of sci-fi lighting and smoke effects in our arena.

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We will rent you the latest Lasergame equipment what is currently available. Weapons, which weighs only 0.6 kg, are able to hit your opponent up to 35 meters. Vests, thats weight is only 2.5 kg, can record hits from your opponent. You can find out which opponent hit you, how many points you have and time to end from LCD display which is located on the vest.

What do you need?

You need just sports clothing and sports shoes to play. We recommend dark (black) clothes - it gonna be harder to find you. The game is very physically demanding - do not forget the towel.

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